FENDER '62 Stratocaster / Japan 1989

                                 FRAMUS Diablo Custom Shop

                                 FRAMUS Diablo Light Scotch Custom

                                 PEERLESS Songbird w/ Soapbar P 90s

                                 EPIPHONE Lucille w/ Gibson Classic 57

                                 ROGER 60's Telecaster

                                 MAYA ES 175 (70's Japan-made)

                                 SQUIER Jazzmaster

                                 SQUIER Simon Neil Stratocaster

                                 NO NAME Doubleneck w/ 6+12 strings

               ACOUSTIC GUITARS: HOPF D 6-0 50 Dreadnought w/ Seymour Duncan Mag Mic Pickup

                                 HOPF D 12-0 50 Dreadnought 12-string guitar

                                 HOPF Classical Nylon String (1972)

                                 LAG Summer Edition Parlour

                                 NO NAME German Parlour (1950's)

                  AMPLIFICATION: MARSHALL 1959 SUPERLEAD handwired 100 W  Top w/ EL34 Tubes

                                 MARSHALL 1959 SUPERLEAD 100 W Top (90's Reissue) w/ EL34 Tubes

                                 MESA BOOGIE Caliber 50 50 W Top w/ 6L6 Tubes

                                 FENDER BLUES de VILLE 50 W Tweed Combo (USA) w/ 6L6 Tubes     

                                 2xDYNACORD Twen ('68)17 W Combo w/ 6V6 Tubes, Celestion Greenback/G12H (Stereo Setup)

                                 BLACKHEART Little Giant Combo (modified), 5/3 W, w/ EL 84 Tube, 1x10" Jensen

                                 FAME Tonmeister 15 W Combo (modified) w/ EL84 Tubes + 1x12" Eminence Speaker

                                 SOUND CITY 150 W Top (1974) w/ KT88 Tubes

                                 ROLAND CUBE 60 (80's) Solid State 60 W, 1x12" Rola-Celestion G12H Speaker (late 70s)





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