I started playing this wonderful instrument at the age of eleven - and played live from day one. During years of taking lessons, practicing and playing live with various artists and bands I learned a lot - and I still do.

I enjoy playing different styles with different people, this keeps me hungry and willing to learn. If you're looking for a versatile and reliable guitar player for live gigs, touring, recording or TV appearances - this is what I do every day. Check out MEDIA to have a listen and watch some clips of live appearances.


I am constantly writing songs and tunes for different artists, no matter if it's a pop tune, a hip hop track or film music. Check out MEDIA to have a listen.


Every song needs an arrangement. I learned to arrange strings and brass in a classical setting as well as I do drum programmings and band arrangements for studio productions or live gigs with bands. Check out MEDIA to have a listen.


A producer's job is creating a unique sound and arrangement which fits the artist's image, his compositions and his style. Helping to create a unique musical style, turning a bunch of compositions into an album with a trademark sound or writing arrangements that fit the artists abilities and makes him/her 'shine' are some of the few points that I work on. I started to produce songs for friends and newcomer artists a few years ago - now I have a little studio for preproduction and songwriting. For bigger productions and projects I am working with different partners and studios in Berlin and Hamburg. Check out MEDIA to have a listen.